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Commonly asked questions I receive. If you have a question, chances are that it has been asked before. If after reading through the FAQs you find that your question is still unanswered, please use the Contact tab to get in touch with me.

1. What is the difference between production time and turnaround time?
Production time is the time period after you place your order (when I receive payment) in which I order the materials to make your piece(s) and the time it takes to actually create the piece(s). Turnaround time is the production time + shipping time. Turnaround time is from the point of purchase up to when you receive your completed order. Shipping times may vary, depending on your location, the Post Office, weather, etc. Generally, for USA orders, this ship time is less than five business days. So, if I have it stated that my current production time is four weeks, you can generally expect the total turnaround time to be close to five weeks.

2. I'm undecided on which size to purchase. What is the difference between the fit of the 6mo size and the 12mo size? Which should I choose? 
There is not a huge difference in the 6mo size and the 12mo size. I like to think of the 6mo size as a small sitter size. And the 12mo size as a large sitter size.
Fit honestly all depends on baby. Just like we as adults vary in weight and height/size and shape, so do babies. Some 6mo babies are fitting in 12mo clothing - these babies may be chubbier and/or taller than average. (we all LOVE chubby babies!) For this reason, I suggest ordering the 12mo size for that 6mo baby. I myself feel that it's better to order one size up, and have the piece be a bit loose, than to order same-size, or one size down - the piece may fit a little too tightly. However, with that said, I know some of you prefer the snugger fit compared to the loose fit. The decision is totally yours to make. Just use your best judgement. If you're ordering for a specific session, and know the height and weight of baby, that will help you in your decision. Please see my 
Sizing tab for more info.

3. Which types of material do you use? 
Most of my items are created using organic fibers. The majority of my items are made from either alpaca or angora yarns. Both of these fibers are perfect for even the most sensitive skin types, as they are very soft and gentle to the touch. However, some people have allergies to these fibers. Please keep this in mind. I am not responsible for any issues that may arise from using my products. Use your best judgement. 

4. What is the difference between the alpaca 'sea mist' color and the alpaca 'mint' color? 
The sea mist is straight from the manufacturer and is a muted/faded light green. The mint is a custom, hand-dyed color that will vary from each dye lot. It will be more of the mint you generally think of, with some variations in tone.

5. Why is your 'production time' sometimes so long? 
Great question! This is due to a couple of reasons:
1) I do not order the material for your order until I receive payment. And I try to make yarn/material orders in groups (once I receive x-amount of orders). This helps cut down on costs for you and me! Because of this, I only open the shop up at specific times. And then within days, after receiving x-amount of orders, I close shop. I then place my material order. This can sometimes take up to two weeks alone! (for me to receive my material order and begin working on orders)
2) Most importantly, I am only one person. I knit each piece by hand. And I generally work on orders in a first come, first serve basis - unless other arrangements have been made (please contact me to discuss a rush order - I will try to make accommodations when I am able).

6. I noticed a price increase. Why is this? 
Most rates from before 04.15.15 were introductory prices. I just started offering sitter sizes more regularly. These sizes can take me anywhere from 4 to 10 hours to make (depending on style and detail of the item)! I hand knit each item by hand, by myself. I have to price accordingly to make them worth my time. I am running a business. I have business expenses to cover, as well. The price increase reflects all of these factors. 

7. I noticed most of your rompers come with loose string ties. Can I order this with thick straps instead? 
Of course! I recently added a 'halter option' to the shop. When you add a romper that regularly comes with the loose ties into your cart, and you would prefer the thick strap halter option, just add one of the halter option listings to your cart, as well. If you add two of the rompers to your cart, and want both to be replaced with the halter style, add two halter listings to your cart. Etc. 
I can usually accommodate any changes like this - just use the Contact tab to touch base with me about making any changes, *before* you place your order. I can then setup a custom listing for you (or put together an invoice to send your way).