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Lee Crochet KNITS

Sizing & Fit

I receive a lot of inquires in regards to sizing. I do not prefer to use the terms 'one size fits all' or 'true to size' when referring to sizing of my items. That is because all babies vary in weight and height. Some six month olds are already wearing twelve month clothing. Some one-year-olds are still wearing six month clothing. And, all of my items are handmade, therefore, no two pieces are *exactly* the same.
It helps if you have knowledge of baby's weight and height for their session.

NEWBORN: my newborn-sized items are designed to fit babies from 7-9 lbs. If you need a preemie-size item, please use the Contact tab to discuss placing a custom preemie order.

6-12mo/SITTER SIZE: most of my sitter sized pieces do have stretch, accommodating for slightly larger babies for the listed size. My sitter size items are designed to best fit as follows:

  • 6mo: best fits 14-18 lbs.
  • 12mo: best fits 18-22 lbs.

Remember: if baby is taller and/or roly poly, the bib may shorten in height, and/or the legs may shorten up when fitting over baby's chubby legs.
The way I think of it: the two sizes are small and large (6mo and 12mo) sitter sizes.

I do offer larger sizes, such as 18mo. Please use the Contact tab to discuss placing an order for larger-sized clothing.

Here are a few examples to see varying ways that these pieces may fit (hover over and click the links below to be directed to the in-use photo):